Product care

Coat care

Woolen coat will warm you up on a cool autumn or cold winter day but you have to take care of it: in order to remove stains and dust from wool you need to comb along using a special comb for clothes. A better wool is renewed using damp cloth, not a comb.


Before storing clean and comb woolen clothes – stains of sweat or food attract moths. Dry cleaning or washing destroys eggs and grubs of the moth. Cleaned woolen clothes put in cotton bags which let the fabric breath and then close them. Put means for destroying moths in the fabric bags and place them next to the fabric. Do not put them directly on the fabric. Cedar tree is a natural exterminator of moths.

Stain removal

Try to remove stain before it gets deep into fabric.

Using a clean white cloth dry the stain as much as you can. Do not rub.

Clothes with paint or nail polish stains must be taken to dry cleaner’s as soon as possible.

Before ironing make sure you removed the stain as the heat might fix the stain in the fabric.


Woolen clothes can be destroyed by too big or direct heat. Always use steam when ironing, never iron woolen clothes dry.